All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (2024)

Everybody likes free stuff. As the saying goes, “if it’s free, I’ll take three.”

Epic Games are a generous bunch of people, so now and then, they like to give back to the community (especially at Christmas time). During certain events (usually at Christmas or around a specific holiday), they give players the chance to grab some loot without a single V-Buck changing hands, and it’s those outfits we’re looking at today.

To clarify the criteria here, we’ve only included the purely free outfits on this list. Some free Fortnite skins are available through what you call “semi-free,” which could mean downloading Fortnite on a specific platform (like PlayStation 5) or included with a particular graphics card purchase. They don’t count. Not today.

Every Free Fortnite Skin You can Use in the Game

9. Rainbow Racer

All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (1)

An Uncommon outfit that uses Headhunter’s character model, Rainbow Racer is the first free item on our list, and she requires you to have a helping hand from another party to get her.

Part of the Holo-Traffic Set and arriving in Season 8 of Chapter 2, Rainbow Racer is decked out in a space-like, futuristic jumpsuit in a shiny silver accented by blue, pink, and yellow patches and stripes in various places to give it a visual pop.

Fortnite players unlocked the free Rainbow Racer skin via the Refer a Friend program. This program would allow existing players to invite friends to Fortnite and earn unique rewards by completing in-game tasks.

To unlock this version of Headhunter, you and your referred buddy must progress sixty levels from when you first signed up for the program.

Rainbow Racer was the ultimate reward in the RaF scheme. Yet, you could also unlock other items like Gliders and Harvesting Tools.

8. Frost Squad

All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (2)

Fortnite and Epic Games usually become very generous around Christmas time. Some holiday events generally allow players to unlock special and unique content by completing challenges or fulfilling specific criteria.

The event that comes rolling around during the yuletide is usually known as Winterfest, but in 2020, we were treated to Operation: Snowdown instead. Beginning on December 18th of that year, each day brought a fresh new challenge, with two outfits up for grabs for completing a certain number of them, one of those being Frost Squad.

If you completed 12 of 16 Fortnite challenges set before the event ended, you could access this ice-cold, free skin. You can also check out this tutorial to learn how to get more free ones from events and battle passes.

Using the Erica character model, Frost Squad features similar clothing with a winter theme. She is decked out in almost all-white attire and a beanie hat; the only exception is her blue boots and gloves. This was a very classy and elegant free skin you could earn in Fortnite.

7. Ruby Shadows

All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (3)

Dark and deadly, this remix of Ruby is back in black and ready to lay the smackdown.

This great free skin was included in the Street Shadows Challenge Pack for PC players of Fortnite. This pack arrived with Ruby Shadows in Chapter 2: Season 6 with her dark attire. You can also purchase it in the Street Shadows Bundle. Yet, this list is a list of freebies!

These challenges consisted of playing with Friends, outlasting at least 500 opponents, and dealing 1,000 damage to other players. These unlocked her Back Bling, Glider, and Harvesting Tool, respectively, with Ruby herself being unlocked after completing all three.

Ruby betrays her namesake color and instead opts for a cropped black top and sports jacket with black leggings. She tops off this great free Fortnite skin with a baseball cap. Her gear also follows this color scheme with a minor white accent featured on some items.

Besides being one of the best Fortnite skins you can get for free, this outfit also made our list of the hottest Fortnite skins.

6. Krisabelle

All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (4)

“Voted ‘Most Festive Holiday Witch’ 3 Years in a Row” according to her in-game description, Krisabelle is one of the two outfit rewards found in Presents during Winterfest 2021 in Season 1 of Chapter 3.

This holiday-themed, free, Fortnite skin is a Christmas reskin of the student from Oakwitch Academy. Krisabelle will pop out of the second Yellow and Red-colored present should you get the chance to open it.

Krisabelle has traded her classic sweater for a more Yuletide version, and her skirt is now decorated with snowflakes and Christmas trees to really get her into the spirit of the season.

She even has Christmas socks on.

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5. Lt. Evergreen

All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (5)

The quintessential example of tactical espionage, this free tree will ruin your Christmas at the drop of a bullet.

Known initially as Ornament Soldier and using the model for Jonsey, Lt. Evergreen is another potentially free Christmas outfit that was part of the Winterfest of 2019. The event began just a week before Christmas on December 18th. It ran until January 2nd, 2020. The event had thirty rewards available in total, one of which being this cover Christmas crack shot.

Available after Christmas Eve only, one had to journey to the Winterfest Cabin and open the tree to get your reward. Lt. Evergreen would then replace the tree with his dominant T-pose.

4. Wooly Warrior

All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (6)

The other half of the Winterfest 2019 outfits is the extinct costume worn by The Autumn Queen character model.

Another present is seen in the Winterfest Cabin. If you opened the tall green gift with the red bow, you’d be treated to Wooly Warrior, an outfit that is an ode to the former fluffy elephants that roamed the Earth long ago and were immortalized by Ray Romano’s character of Manny in the Ice Age films.

It’s not exactly a subtle set of clothing. Yet if your spirit animal is a furry mammal and you like to parade around as said creature, go right ahead and partake in your Fortnite games as the Wooly Warrior. This cute outfit is so adorable that it may soon make our list of the most Kawaii Fortnite skins.

The Top 3 Free Fortnite Skins

3. Polar Peely

All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (7)

The other outfit that Fortnite gave away for free during the Winterfest of 2021 was Polar Peely. This frozen fruit will leave your opponent blue in the face.

Obviously, working off the model for the default Peely skin (not many games have giant sentient bananas as a standard, but there we are), Polar Peely is a frozen version of the happy-go-lucky fruit that we welcomed to the game in Chapter 3: Season 1.

Starting on December 16th, 2021, the entire map was blanketed in snow and Sgt. Winter took charge of the Winterfest Cabin, renaming it in the process. Fortnite developers added the content in the form of Presents that players could find and open for a prize. A Glider and Back Bling were also given up completing 7 and 10 Challenges, respectively.

One would be treated to the potassium-filled prize upon opening a Blue and Yellow Present (Peely’s current and former color). For more great Peely Fortnite skins, check out our companion list.

2. Snowmando – Runner Up to the Best Free Fortnite Skin

All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (8)

The other outfit unlocked in the Operation: Snowdown event of 2020, Snowmando would be working on his hot cocoa recipe rather than getting involved in armed conflicts.

Not quite as difficult as unlocking the previous entry on this list of Frost Squad, Snowmando would be rewarded to those that managed to open 9 of the 14 Operation: Snowdown Challenges.

As an NPC during Season 5 of Chapter 2, he could also be found around Snowmando Outposts with X-4 Stormwings and Chests, where he could sell players the Big Chill weapon, a variation of the Snowball Launcher.

1. The Scientist – The Best Free Fortnite Skin

A truly Legendary outfit, The Scientist is one of The Seven, consisting of The Paradigm, The Foundation, The Visitor, The Order, The Origin, and The Imagined, beings that are the guardians of The Zero Point.

All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (9)

While many characters are just made for fun, The Seven are the literal reason Fortnite has a storyline during Season 3. Their main goals are protecting The Zero Point and destroying the Imagined Order and The Loop.

The Scientist is the engineer of The Seven and self-proclaimed “handsomest of The Seven.” He created the Rift Beacons and the Rocket for The End live event.

Sarcastic and smart-mouthed, The Scientist is brilliant but very aware of it. Naturally, Joel McHale was eventually brought in as his voice actor.

During Season X, completing all of the Meteoric Rise Missions Challenges of the Battle Pass would unlock your tremendous and talented mind.

The best free Fortnite skin comes in black and white, and his head display is customizable to be a Crosshair, Dancer, Glitch, and Smile.

We hope you enjoyed our review of all free Fortnite skins that have been given out. Some are still available for purchase while many others were limited releases. What do you think of our rankings? Do you also find the Scientist to be the best free Fortnite skin? Let us know in the comments below!

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All Free Fortnite Skins, Ranked from Worst to Best (2024)


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