Warframe: Necramechs Guide (2024)

Necramechs are a powerful addition to any Tenno’s Arsenal. You can use these gilded tools of the Orokin Era as heavy weapons platforms in open world zones and while fighting on-foot during Railjack Missions. They’re especially useful against Grand Bosses: massive enemies like the Eidolons found on Earth or the Profit-Taker of Venus.

Acquiring your first Necramech typically begins with the “Heart of Deimos,” Quest which automatically unlocks after opening the Mars Junction on Earth. This will introduce you to the living moon of Deimos and the Entrati Family that inhabits it.

Completing the Quest will automatically provide you with the five blueprints necessary to craft a Voidrig (one of two different types of Necramech). Similar to building Warframes, you first need to craft its component parts before using them to build a finished Necramech. Each of these pieces, in turn, requires a certain number of Resources and a matching Damage Necramech Part.

You can always purchase a fully built Necramech from the in-game Market using Platinum. Likewise, as long as you have the blueprints from “Heart of Deimos,” you can trade for the necessary crafting materials with other Tenno!

Otherwise crafting a Voidrig for yourself boils down to the following steps:

1. Finish “Heart of Deimos” to acquire your Voidrig Blueprints
2. Complete Isolation Vault Bounties to acquire Scintillant and Damaged Necramech Parts
3. Mine the Cambion Drift and purchase Mineral Blueprints from Otak
4. Go spearfishing in the Cambion Drift to acquire fish parts
5. Use the resources and Damaged Necramech Parts to craft your Voidrig
6. Return to your Orbiter and craft

Now let’s take a more in-depth look at what each of these steps entails and how to complete them!

Isolation Vault Bounties

Isolation Vault Bounties offer most of what you need to create your first Necramech. Each successful completion will award you with guaranteed Mother Tokens, while destroying hostile Necramechs during the bounties will drop Damaged Necramech Parts. You’ll also have a random chance of acquiring Orokin Matrices as a reward — which you can use to rank up the Necraloid Syndicate and purchase Damaged Necramech Parts directly.

To start an Isolation Vault Bounty, speak to Mother at the center of the Necralisk player hub on Deimos. Beneath her normal list of Bounties that take you into the open-world area of the Cambion Drift, she will offer three tiers of Isolation Vault Bounties. Each comes with a different set of possible rewards, but any tier can provide the items (listed below) that you need from this activity!

Mother Tokens: Give these to Grandmother in the Necralisk by selecting “Trade Tokens for Entrati Standing.” Once you max out your Standing, you can return to Mother and choose to rank up. Several Resources used to create each Necramech part require Rank 3 with the Entrati Family to craft, so raising your Standing is an important step in the process. You can also use Son, Father, Daughter and Grandmother Tokens from various sources to rank up.

Ranking up with the Entrati Family is not strictly required to craft a Necramech. However, certain Mineral Blueprints used in the process do require at least Rank 3 to purchase from Otak.

Orokin Matrices: Similarly, you can give these to Loid at the northernmost end of the Necralisk by selecting “Trade Orokin Matrices for Necraloid Standing.” You must have completed the Quest “The War Within” and enter your Operator form to walk through the door to Loid’s chamber. This is not required to construct a Voidrig. However, it may help speed up the process and provides access to new Necramech Weapons as well as Bonewidow Blueprints if you’d like to expand your Arsenal further!

Damaged Necramech Parts: These are random drops from hostile Necramechs that appear partway through every Isolation Vault Bounty. These enemies drop Damaged Necramech Parts when destroyed, but which part is entirely random, so you’ll need to run multiple Isolation Vault Bounties to get every item you need.

Scintillant: This special resource can drop from hostile Necramechs, as Tier 1 Isolation Vault Bounty rewards and will sometimes simply appear inside the Isolation Vaults themselves.

Cambion Drift Resources

Besides a stipend of Credits, you’ll also need a mix of refined minerals and fish parts acquired in the Cambion Drift to craft each Voidrig component.

Cambion Drift Fish: In the Cambion Drift, fish are found both inside and around the transparent “rivers” of exocrine on the moon’s surface, as well as inside caves. You can purchase the Spari Spear or Ebisu Spear from Daughter in the Necralisk to fish them out — even through the exocrine’s solid surface. Selecting “Cut Fish” while speaking to Daughter will convert the fish into parts you can use for crafting.

Note that some fish only appear during the Vome cycle while others only appear during the Fass cycle. This is how the Cambion Drift measures time instead of using day and night. You can see which cycle is currently active on your map (or just check the skyline for Vome, a massive blue worm, or Fass, a massive orange worm).

Refined Minerals: This step may actually require you to leave Deimos for a bit. Every open world in Warframe is populated with glowing mineral veins that you can harvest with a mining laser. You’ll need either a Nosam Cutter (purchased from Old Man Suumbaat in Cetus with Ostron Standing) or a Sunpoint Plasma Drill (purchased from Smokefinger in Fortuna with Solaris United Standing). Finally, equip the laser via the Gear tab in your Arsenal. This will allow you to equip it from your Gear Wheel while inside any open world zone.

With your mining laser equipped, mineral veins will appear on your map. Though you can find the best clusters underground and inside caves! Once you’ve harvested some minerals, you can refine them into the required crafting materials using blueprints purchased from Otak in the Necralisk.

Necramech Crafting Tips

Mother’s standard bounties offer far more Mother Tokens than Isolation Vault Bounties. If you already have all the Damaged Necramech Parts you need, and simply want to rank up with the Entrati Family quickly, try taking on her other challenges to earn more Standing!

The Sunpoint Plasma Drill has a much higher chance of acquiring rare minerals, but a very low chance of acquiring common and uncommon ones. While you can acquire every mineral you need using just one mining laser, it’s useful to acquire both a Nosam Cutter (or its more advanced versions) and the Sunpoint Plasma Drill to harvest different types of minerals.

To craft a Necramech, you’ll need to refine the following minerals:

Adramlium: a common mineral found in yellow veins
Bapholite: a common mineral found in yellow veins
Namalon: an uncommon mineral found in yellow veins
Necrathene: an uncommon mineral found in blue veins
Xenorhast: a rare mineral found in blue veins
Embolos: a rare mineral found in blue veins and sometimes yellow veins
Thaumica: a rare mineral found in yellow veins and sometimes blue veins

You’ll also need to cut the following fish parts:

Biotic Filters: acquired from either Aquapulmo in surface hotspots during the Vome cycle or Duroids in cave hotspots during any time of day
Spinal Core Sections: acquired from either Chondricords in cave hotspots during any time of day or Vitreospina in caves during any time of day
Cranial Foremounts: acquired from Myxostomata in cave hotspots during the Vome cycle; Processed Vome Residue purchased from Daughter must be used as bait

Many resources, including fish parts and minerals, can also be found inside breakable containers and growths throughout the Cambion Drift. Each Isolation Vault Bounty also includes a special secondary objective to open the vault by defending Loid. Finishing this objective will unlock a special room full of containers with random materials inside.

You can also purchase a random assortment of fish parts from Daughter, as well as processed minerals from Otak, with Platinum by selecting “Today’s Special” while speaking to either character. Their selection of wares rotates every 24 hours, so check back later if they don’t have what you need.

Even after you’ve purchased or constructed your Necramech, it’s still worth finishing Isolation Vault Bounties to fully equip it with Mods! Isolation Vault Bounties offer several Necramech Mods as rewards, while Loid sells even more in exchange for Standing acquired from Orokin Matrices.

Warframe: Necramechs Guide (2024)


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